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28th September 2017

EasyDrill project in Selby

It has long been the policy at the Trenchless Group, to provide not only the highest quality tooling for the underground construction industry, but to provide also the training and backup that is needed to make it work successfully. This philosophy was shown recently on an EasyDrill FD10-G Mini HDD project.

The works on Dyon Lane were originally planned to replace a main that had several bursts within the land of a local farmer. This main was to be replaced using open cut methods. It became apparent from the site visit that the works would have to be extended under and beyond the beck that runs through both fields. Morrison, the main contractor, having been tasked with increasing its innovations, made a request to client Yorkshire Water to see if they could use an EasyDrill FD10-G mini HDD system. This use would reduce the need to excavate across both fields. It also meant it would be possible to drill under the beck. The Trenchless Group was approached. The company owns and operates a varied selection of trenchless systems, so it was decided that the company’s EasyDrill FD10-G system, with capabilities of installing 100+ metre distances and up to 180 mm diameter pipe installations could achieve the installations together with offering a small site footprint. Designed as an attachment using a quick hitch for mini excavators, the EasyDrill has amazing and unrivalled thrust and pull back power for a drill of its size. With pit or surface launch capabilities, the small and robust machine seemed ideal for the project.

A view along one of the Dyon lane EasyDrill bore routes.

When Morrison looked at the full works required, it became apparent that the works could extend across both fields. This also reduced the amount of works that would have to be carried out on the asbestos main. With a 240 metre drilling distance and installing 90 mm diameter SDR11 MDPE pipe works commenced on with the first launch going under the beck over a length of 80 m. The second launch was a 70 m shot which included drilling under the existing main and away from nearby overhead cables. The last section was a shot of 90 m located where that main connection and new WO/SV was to be installed.

Stuart Naylor Project Manager for Morrison Utility Services said: “All the drilling works were completed within a three day period with little disruption to anyone. The Trenchless Group drilling team which carried out the works were very professional and gave us a full description of what was required at each stage and also had an input on how we would need to get the best option for each launch. All the works are now complete and the customers were not disrupted at all until we had to carry out their connection transfers. There are four main advantages that I believe we achieved on these works including: Reduced health and safety risk by eliminating the need to work on asbestos; Removal of the need to work near water; Working with an environmentally friendly option reducing excavations and Removing the risk of future mains bursts within both of the farmers’ fields.”

Below is a video of the Mini HDD in action from our Selby project

You can watch our detailed Mini HDD animation on Youtube

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Mini Horizontal Directional Drilling

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