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Water and Sewer

Trenchless Solutions installs and replaces pipelines for both clean water and sewerage. When the construction foot print is limited or installation is deep, trenchless technology is the most favourable solution since they can be cost effective and reduce disruption to the surrounding areas.

We use guided auger boring to accurately install new gravity pipe installations in a wide variety of diameters and distances. Impact moling, Mini Horizontal Directional or Horizontal Directional Drilling can be used to install the smaller diameter water pipes taking the range from 25mm to 900mm. For replacing old water and sewerage pipes the preferred method used is pipe bursting this technique is fast and non-invasive. Using the existing pipeline as a guide, the hydraulic pipe-bursting system cuts through the existing pipe while at the same time pulling a new polyethylene into place behind it.

We have used the following services in the water & sewer sector:


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