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Why use Contract Services

Read on to find out why you should use no-dig contract services.

In recent times the benefits of a ‘trenchless’ approach have come more and more to the fore. Trenchless Solutions have established ourselves as a key supplier of contract services in this market.

Trenchless Solutions deploys technology and expertise which have reduced the environmental impact on numerous projects. Allowing utility projects to be completed in many cases without significant damage to the surrounding environment.

In many cases, it simply isn’t permissible to install or update services with open-cut methods; Trenchless techniques allow for the installation or rehabilitation of services in such scenarios. For example, within busy city central locations, under live roads and railways & under canals and rivers etc. In all these scenarios we can offer reliable cost effective innovative solutions.

With trenchless no-dig techniques we can install pipes of various materials, sizes, and lengths.

Our range of contract services include:


  • Acclaim Accreditation

  • Achilles UVDB Verified

  • Constructionline Gold

  • SSIP