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12th February 2014

Sliplining Trenchless Techniques Used at Baddesley

Trenchless Solutions Ltd were asked to undertake a ssliplining project at the old Baddesley Colliery in sWarwickshire, the existing 750mm surface water culvert is over a hundred years old and running beneath the old spoil tip approximately 35m below surface.

The main contractor completed the enabling work removing 20m of spoil then excavating a further 10m breaking into the culvert. TSL- trained operatives completed the Butt fusing welding of the 160m length of SDR17 MDPE pipe, as the new pipe is a gravity fed drainage pipe it required internally and externally de-beading, this part of the works was undertaken within two days.

The new pipe was moved into position and placed on pipe rollers to reduce skin friction and reduce potential damage to the outside of the pipe as it was installed, excavators were used to feed the new pipe into the culvert at the downstream end, this continued until the new pipe arrived at the upstream end where it was fed through the new headwall. Another great achievement by our guys Bill, Jamie and Josh well done lads!

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Stringing the new 500mm SDR17 pipe out

Butt fusing using the Tristar welding equipment

Slip Trench

Downstream End 35m

Upstream feeding the new pipe through



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